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Seat CoverYeah this is Gary Collins clear the primal power method and I have a new segment. You’re going why am I staring at a seat cover this is going to be Kyrie’s product reviews of crappy American companies. About the seat covers about 8 months ago for my truck from coverking which is a complete group of clowns as a company they screwed up my order 3 times. In the beginning. I’ve now had a meat months and I’ll show you here try get my shadow of the way. But the cloth is separating from the phone. Anyone who’s bought you know neo print seat covers their super super expensive. So all of it is just separating.

And I’m not a big guy I don’t weigh a lot. I don’t put these through hard core abuse or anything am gotten wet nothing like that and so I called them. To get new seat covers. They are to have this thing replaced. And basically they tell me that I must say in this whole thing back. CPOs may see I live in the Bernese sell get dirt and mud all over my real seat. And they would not budge I said I’ll send you photos I’ll do whatever I had to pay postage back. Everything it is a disgrace so this is going to be a new policy in mind this is a warning to all American companies are who I buy Car seat covers from site

You send me a shitty product and I’m gonna rip you apart if you provide me bad customer service from 2 guys in a row who could not speak English. We’re gonna have a fight on our hands so coverking. You are on my list of bad company’s. So thanks coverking I spent a lot of money in got a horrible product.


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